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Enforcing Visitation or Child Support

If the other parent is not living up to the terms of the divorce or court order, DeRoberts Law Firm takes aggressive legal action to force compliance. We use the courts and state agencies to protect your rights in child visitation enforcement or failure to pay child support.

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Child Visitation Enforcement

Just because the court awarded primary custody to the other parent does not mean that your rights are secondary! Mr. DeRoberts has represented hundreds of non-custodial parents who are getting short-changed or jerked around by the other parent. He takes aggressive action against any interference with visitation rights including:

  • Refusing visitation outright
  • Not making the child available at the mandated time
  • Routinely picking up or returning the child late
  • Scheduling extra-curriculars or family activities during the other parent’s allotted visitation time
  • Alienating the child against the non-custodial parent
  • Failing to honor arrangements for the holidays

We can file contempt of court charges for violation of the custody order. This usually gets their attention. The offending parent will have to appear before a judge to explain his or her actions. If judge determines your rights were violated, the other parent may have to pay your attorney fees. A judge may alter the parenting plan to punish a repeat offender, and in extreme cases may actually award custody to the wronged parent or terminate child support.

Long-distance parents: We commonly represent out-of-state parents who are getting cheated on summer vacation time or regular contact with their child, out of spite or because it is inconvenient for the custodial parent.

Child Support Enforcement

If your ex-spouse or the parent of your child is not making court-ordered child support payments, the law is on your side. Mr. DeRoberts takes swift action to file contempt charges to authorize wage garnishment or liens against bank accounts or property to get current support payments due as well as arrears. The paying parent can be jailed or have their driver’s license suspended for willfully refusing to pay support, including intentional unemployment.

We have also represented parents who honestly cannot afford to pay because of financial hardship. We encourage clients to pay what they can and keep communication open while we arrange a hearing to modify child support temporarily downward.

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