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Underage Drinking & Driving DWI (DWI Under 21)

Zero Tolerance and Underage DWI

If you are under age 21, New York law provides major penalties for driving after consuming any amount of alcohol. A violation of the Zero Tolerance law can result in a license suspension of six months, a year or more. Depending on your blood-alcohol content (BAC), you may also face criminal charges the same as an adult of legal age.

DeRoberts Law Firm of Syracuse, New York, has defended many clients who are under the legal drinking age. We work hard to get underage drivers charged with Zero Tolerance, DWI or DWAI into a special program that may help them retain their driving privileges. Our unique approach involves offering you experience, dedication and the personal attention of your attorney throughout your case.

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DWAI and DWI (DUI) Under 21 — Serious Legal Trouble

Age is not a factor if your BAC meets the threshold for DWI (.08) or DWAI (.05). You will be charged. You will have to appear in court and face fines, jail, probation and other penalties whether you are under 21 or over. (See About DWI/DWAI.) You will need an aggressive attorney to fight the charges so that a youthful mistake does not ruin your future.

Zero Tolerance Law — Your License Is at Stake

If you are under 21, you violate the Zero Tolerance statute if your BAC is .02 or greater, basically if there is any measurable level of alcohol in your system. One beer at a party is all it takes. This is an administrative penalty imposed by the New York DMV. There is no jail and only a small fine, but:

  • On a first offense, your license is suspended for six months.
  • On a second offense, your license is suspended for one year or until you reach age 21, whichever is greater.

You may be cited for both Zero Tolerance and DWAI, depending on your BAC and any observed signs of impaired driving.

We understand that losing driving privileges for so long would be devastating for a high school student, college student or any person under 21 who is holding down a job. If we can’t get the violation dismissed, Mr. DeRoberts will work hard to get you qualified for the DMV Drinking Driver Program, which can lead to a limited license (driving only to school or work) or eventual reinstatement of full driving privileges.

NOTE: You cannot qualify for DMV’s DDP for a second offense within 5 years, but we may be able to reduce the period of license suspension.

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