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Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts was born in Syracuse, earned his law degree from Syracuse University in 1992 and was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1993. Ever since, he has represented parents and divorcing clients in all matters of family law and divorce in Onondaga County and surrounding jurisdictions of central New York.

Jeffrey DeRoberts has also helped thousands of individuals during the time he has been practicing criminal defense. Whether you are charged with a DWI, the most serious felony or a simple misdemeanor, you will be provided with a vigorous criminal defense by DeRoberts Law Firm.

Syracuse Criminal Defense Lawyer

Since 1993, Jeffrey DeRoberts has been a criminal defense attorney in Syracuse, New York, and the surrounding area. If you have a DWI/DWAI charge (sometimes called a DUI) or other alcohol-related charge, you will find that his hard work, determination and skill matches those of much bigger law firms. Those bigger firms fall short, however, when compared to our firm’s individual attention, accessibility and affordability.

The front end of your case–the first hours, days and weeks after your arrest–is where an experienced and proactive attorney can make the difference.

Syracuse Family Law Attorney

A divorce is not the end of the story. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just the beginning of trouble. DeRoberts Law Firm in Syracuse, New York, focuses on child custody, child support and alimony disputes that may arise in the weeks, months and years after you and your spouse have gone your separate ways.

Jeffrey DeRoberts has practiced New York family law for 16 years. He offers knowledgeable counsel and strong advocacy in your divorce, including contested and non-contested proceedings and with all post-divorce hearings and modifications. He can advance your interests in custody or support modifications or enforcement actions to encourage compliance with the court’s instructions.

Mr. DeRoberts is skilled at cutting through the emotions and hostility to find workable solutions that fix the current dispute and prevent future problems. If an amicable negotiation is not possible in your particular case, he is a formidable trial lawyer who will go to battle for you in the courtroom.

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