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Every family and marriage is unique. There is nothing typical about any family law issues. The key to achieving positive outcomes is attention to the specific details that make your family unique and then developing strategies that are to the best advantage of your particular interests. Family law attorney Jeff DeRoberts and his legal team at the DeRoberts Law Firm in Jefferson County understand this. We take the time to listen to all of your concerns so we can fully understand the nuances of your case. Then we develop sound legal strategies to meet your needs.

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Whether you are preparing to start a new family with the person of your dreams or you are considering the end of a marriage, you deserve to have your future interests protected by an experienced family law attorney. There are several formalities that must be properly adhered to and there are many limitations to drafting enforceable prenuptial, or postnuptial, agreements. If you are looking to dissolve your marriage in Jefferson County, you will want an attorney beside you to advise you about the process, what you are entitled to and help you through any child custody disputes. Mr. DeRoberts uses his training, skill and experience to guide you through the following areas of matrimonial law and divorce processes:

  • Mediation — Mediation is a voluntary process where both parties get together in an attempt to negotiate out a fair settlement that both parties can live with. They have a mediator that helps to find fair and realistic solutions to agree on the issues.
  • Litigation — Litigation ends with a binding rule from a judge. There is always some inherent risk in litigation, and the outcome may be unsatisfactory for all of the parties involved.
  • Negotiation — Negotiation is where both parties give and take a little to find common ground on the issue. They are quick and cost-effective and best suited when the divorce is uncontested.
  • Prenuptial agreements — Prenuptial agreements allow future spouses in New York to agree on how assets should be divided if the marriage does not work out. They are often contested in divorces for not following formalities properly or for one of the spouses not fully disclosing their assets.
  • Postnuptial agreements — Postnuptial agreements are similar prenuptial agreements in that they are intended to spell out what happens if the marriage dissolves. They should be considered when a child is born or adopted, there is a career change or one spouse gets a sizeable inheritance.

We develop effective legal strategies for your needs

Due to the sensitivity of family relationships and the costs of litigation, we do our best to achieve the outcomes you want without going to trial. A lot of our success in negotiation has come from preparing for every case as if we were going to trial. Building up a strong case gives you leverage in negotiations and usually leads to favorable settlements.

Attorney Jeff DeRoberts of the DeRoberts Law Firm offers nearly 20 years of experience and knowledge to help you through your family law matters. A free initial consultation can be schedules by calling us at 315-479-6445 or you can contact us online.

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