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Modifying Custody or Support

Aggressive Representation for Modifications

Parents move away, change work schedules, lose jobs or remarry. Children’s needs change as they grow. Other unforeseen circumstances arise.

If it is necessary to modify your divorce decree or initial order governing custody or child support, Jeffrey DeRoberts is an experienced family law attorney who can advance your interests and protect your rights. He is skilled at the give-and-take required to resolve these issues out of court. He is also a formidable trial lawyer who will stand your ground if it becomes a dogfight. Furthermore, he offers you something that many other firms cannot: experience, dedication and the personal attention of your attorney throughout the duration of your case.

Contact DeRoberts Law Firm to discuss modification of custody, visitation or support, whether you are seeking the change or challenging it. We represent custodial and non-custodial parents in Syracuse and throughout Central New York.

Modifying Custody and Visitation

Mr. DeRoberts has handled every scenario, and represented clients on both sides of the issue:

  • Changing physical custody ? An older child wants to live with the other parent, or the non-custodial parent seeks full custody because of abuse or domestic violence, neglect, addiction or the child’s difficulties in school or the law.
  • Parent relocation ? The custodial parent cannot relocate out of state, or even any sizable distance within New York, without permission from the court. There must be a very good reason (employment or educational opportunity) that serves the interests of the child. Remarriage is not a sufficient ground ? a custodial parent may have to choose between the kids and a new spouse. The move cannot violate the other parent’s right to be actively involved in the child’s life ? if the petition is granted, visitation terms must be amended.
  • Altering the parenting plan ? If the custody agreement no longer meets your needs because of changes in work schedule or other commitments, we can negotiate a new, workable plan (or go to court to resolve it).

Jeffrey DeRoberts has extensive experience in these hard-fought proceedings. He has 16 years of experience in family law and familiarity with local courts. he can usually tell you what a judge would approve.

Modification of Child Support

Child support can be altered for an unforeseen change in circumstances, based on actual need. The custodial parent can seek an increase if the child’s needs have changed, but not simply because the other parent got a big raise. Support can be reduced if the paying parent has fallen on hard financial times after a layoff or period of illness. It is important to remember that voluntary underemployment or unemployment is not grounds for reduced child support.

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