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We provide innovative speeding ticket defense strategies

You do not have to automatically pay the fine just because you have been issued a citation for driving over the speed limit. There are lots of reasons why you may be able to contest a speeding ticket successfully and avoid the penalties that come with an admission of guilt. Jeff DeRoberts and the criminal defense team at the DeRoberts Law Firm use a detail-oriented approach to craft the most effective defense possible when you are faced with a speeding ticket.

Why fight a speeding ticket?

There are a lot of potential benefits to hiring an attorney to defense you against a speeding ticket. Our reputation for success has been built upon skillful legal representation and giving personalized attention to every client. The benefits that we may be able to offer you when fighting against a speeding ticket include:

Protection from fines and points – The fines that you may incur in New York include more than just the initial price of the ticket. The state may also require you to pay additional driver’s responsibility fees each year for getting points on your license. We try to get your fines and points removed entirely or at least get them reduced.

Preventing suspension or revocation of your license – If you get 11 or more points on your drivers license within an 18 month period, then your license will automatically be suspended for at least six months. An experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Jefferson County can fight on your behalf to protect your ability to get to work and drive your family.

Saving time and money – Hiring our speeding ticket defense attorney can save you a lot of money in the long run. You only pay a flat fee when you hire Mr. DeRoberts to represent you to fight a speeding ticket, and most of the time you do not even have to miss work to attend traffic court.

What happens if you plead guilty to a speeding ticket by mail?

Mailing in a fine for a speeding ticket is legally considered to be the equivalent of being convicted from a trial. This means that you are waiving your right to a trial, giving up your right to have an attorney represent you and asking the court to decide on the fine and the penalty. Mailing in the fine exposes you to the full penalties of the law without having the opportunity to get the ticket reduced in any way.

Hiring an attorney gives you the opportunity to request for a reduction in the penalties associated with your citation. Prosecutors will often reduce tickets upon request for any number of reasons, but you cannot negotiate a ticket once you have admitted guilt and paid the fine.

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You do not need to fight your citation for speeding alone, and you do not have to admit guilt. Attorney Jeff DeRoberts and the DeRoberts Law Firm team is ready defend you from the costs and troubles that come from a speeding conviction. You can schedule a free initial consultation by calling us at 315-479-6445 or you can contact us online.

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