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Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Onondaga County Protecting You from Excessive Fines

Fighting against unjust speeding penalties

The police in Onondaga County is notorious for giving lots of speeding tickets. The tickets they write often have a ripple effect on other facets of your life. Speeding tickets may lead to missed work while attending court, higher insurance premiums, license suspensions, and of course, large fines. Jeff DeRoberts, the criminal defense attorney at the DeRoberts Law Office has been successfully fighting speeding tickets in Onondaga County for more than 20 years.

How many points will you get for a speeding ticket in Onondaga County?

The number of points that will get tacked onto your New York drivers license for a speeding ticket conviction depends on how fast over the posted speed limit you were alleged to be driving. The problem with getting points is that they add up quickly and can lead to a license suspension. By hiring the experienced speeding ticket attorney at the DeRoberts Law Firm in Onondaga County, you can fight your tickets and keep the points off of your driver’s license. The points penalties for speeding tickets in New York are:

  • Under 10 mph – 3 point penalty
  • Between 11 mph-20 mph – 4 point penalty
  • Between 21 mph-30 mph – 6 point penalty
  • Between 31 mph-40 mph – 8 point penalty

Over 40 mph – 11 point penalty – a conviction for driving 40 mph over the speed limit will lead to an automatic drivers license suspension

What can an experienced New York speeding tickets lawyer do for you?

Onondaga County drivers are cited for speeding hundreds of times each week. The costs that come with accepting guilt for a citation can disrupt your life professionally and personally. We go to court on your behalf to fight your speeding ticket and work to get it dismissed. We analyze every piece of evidence to try to keep any incriminating evidence off the record. When that is not possible, we can usually work with the prosecutor to get the fine reduced and/or the points removed from your driving record. Most of the time, you are not even required to miss work to go to traffic court.

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