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Family law matters are sensitive issues that are highly personal. You need an attorney that will hold up to the highest professional standards to represent your interests in Onondaga County courts and look out for the interests of your family. Jeff DeRoberts of the DeRoberts Law Firm is a divorce lawyer that has been entrusted with protecting families in Onondaga County for more than twenty years. Personalized attention and compassion have been the keys to Mr. DeRoberts’ success in family law courts.

Our family law practice areas

Whether you are planning for the future of your family or you are planning for a family transition, a family law attorney can help protect your present and future interests. It is important to have an attorney help you plan for the future and look out for the long-term interests of you and your children. Things in life do not always work out the way we expect them to; Mr. DeRoberts helps you anticipate and prepare for future events that you cannot foresee. The family law practice areas that we frequently represent clients in Onondaga County include:

We provide personalized guidance through your difficult family transitions

Transitioning from a two-parent family to being a single-parent family can be difficult emotionally and financially. We are here for you every step of the way – through your divorce and into your new life. There are lots of changes that come with a divorce. Financially, your taxes, health benefits and credit rating may change drastically. Emotionally, the amount of time you spend with your children and the types of activities you get to do with them may change drastically as well.

Weathering this stormy time in your life is easier with a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side. Mr. DeRoberts returns calls personally and answers all of your questions to keep you at ease throughout all of the changes that come throughout the process. Our success has come from compassionately attending to your needs while we aggressively litigate for you, making your family transition as smooth as possible.

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