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Traffic violations may seem like minor infractions that don’t require the assistance of an attorney. However, many traffic violations have the potential to negatively impact your personal and professional life for many years if handled carelessly. Attorney Jeff DeRoberts has the experience and dedication you need to make sure your seemingly minor violation doesn’t lead to serious consequences. We handle a wide range of traffic cases involving speeding tickets, driving without insurance, reckless driving and red light violations.

Don’t let traffic violations cost you your license

There are many reasons your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked. License suspensions and revocations result from:

  • Failing to answer your ticket – You must adhere to the instructions on your ticket and enter a plea within the time allowed. Failing to answer a ticket results in automatic suspension.
  • Excessive speeding and/or misdemeanor violations – Your license will be revoked for at least six months if you commit three speeding and/or misdemeanor traffic violations within 18 months.
  • Violating new driver probation regulations – Upon completion of a road test, you are on license probation for six months. Your license will be suspended for 60 days if you commit any two moving violations during your probationary period.
  • Points accumulation – Under the New York State points system, if you receive more than 10 points in an 18-month period your license may be suspended or revoked.

Driving with a suspended license is a serious crime that can lead to probation, jail, confiscation of your automobile and/or fines up to $5000. Our firm is committed to helping you navigate the often confusing legal system. We help clients through each step of the process and work hard to mitigate the consequences of all types of traffic violations.

What should I do if I receive a traffic ticket?

There are numerous types of traffic violations and each ticket may carry different consequences. It is important to understand your rights and options. As soon as you receive a moving violation, you should read the specific instructions on your ticket to ensure that you comply with all deadlines. Consulting an experienced traffic attorney gives you the peace of mind that your case is handled in an efficient and capable manner while also minimizing potential penalties.

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