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Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts was born in Syracuse. Earned his Law Degree from Syracuse University in 1992. Was admitted to New York State Bar in 1993 and the Federal Courts of the United States in 1994. Since that time, Mr. DeRoberts has developed a reputation as one of the most respected trial attorneys in the Central New York area. He is well known throughout the community with a strong presence in the courtrooms of which he appears and is well respected by the Judges in Central New York as well as the other practicing attorneys in the area.

Mr. DeRoberts has developed the reputation as a very skilled negotiator as well as trial attorney and spends every day in and out of Criminal, Family and Supreme Court courtrooms.

Mr. DeRoberts is well known for his aggressive representation of individuals who have been arrested and/or a family who have custody, support and/or matrimonial issues. He is well respected in the legal community with years of experience and success in courts throughout
Central New York.

Knowledgeable and Caring Family Court LAWYER IN SYRACUSE

A divorce is not the end of the story. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just the beginning of trouble. DeRoberts Law Firm in Syracuse, New York, focuses on child custody, child support and alimony disputes that may arise in the weeks, months and years after you and your spouse have gone your separate ways.

Jeffrey DeRoberts is a New York family law attorney who has practiced for 16 years. He offers knowledgeable counsel and strong advocacy in your divorce, including contested and non-contested proceedings and with all post-divorce hearings and modifications. He can advance your interests in custody or support modifications or enforcement actions to encourage compliance with the court’s instructions….

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The Best Defense? A Strong Offense and DeRoberts Law Firm

What do you want if you’ve been charged with a crime? You probably want to get the charges dropped, stay out of jail and keep the offense off your record. You want to wake up from the nightmare.

That’s what we do. We stop the nightmares. At DeRoberts Law Firm, we help soften the blow of a DWI arrest, avoid jail time for fraud and retain your driving privileges whenever possible. We have local knowledge and experience and are in court on a daily basis. We know the prosecutors, the judges, how the system works and what to expect. How do we mount an effective criminal defense? Often, it is with a preemptive attack. We assault the prosecution’s case one bit of evidence and one witness at a time, so our clients are in the best legal position possible. We are aggressive during the initial investigation and court appearances, so we can either get your charges dismissed or, at minimum, we gain leverage for negotiations and leniency.

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Jeffrey DeRoberts has been dealing with the matrimonial and family laws of New York and providing agressive criminal defense since becoming an attorney back in 1993.

Attorney DeRoberts is also a vigorous defender of the rights of those charged with a DWI, drug crime, sex crime, white collar crime or other misdemeanor, or felony charges in state or federal court.

When it comes to Family law or criminal defense, Mr. DeRoberts’ focused knowledge makes it possible for him to resolve your dispute more quickly and cost-effectively than a larger law firm.



Jeffrey DeRoberts is a solo family law attorney — he handles your case from start to finish. He is assisted by two trained paralegals who work behind the scenes, giving him the opportunity to be available to answer your questions and guide you through a frustrating process.

As a solo attorney, DeRoberts can provide the personalized attention you may not get at a larger firm. There is no substitute for one-on-one contact and accessibility from your attorney, particularly in difficult situations involving your family, or when you have been wrongfully charged of a crime you did not commit.

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